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Irene left her mark on the East Coast.

And now, the clean up begins.

First to feel her wrath on the U.S. East Coast was North Carolina.

How did those folks fare?

According to Fox News Radio's Eben Brown, the big problem there:

"Power - really the big thing - and the local power company just told me that out of the 450,000 people on the coast that lost power - about less than 100,000 are still in the dark - and they should have them back up mostly by the end of the day and for sure by the end of tomorrow... "

That was Brown - speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

Brown also reports spotty damage to homes and businesses.

In New York,

"So - actually there's been a little bit of divine intervention here... it wasn't as severe as everyone was bracing for."

"Yeah - we really lucked out on this one with the storm being downgraded to a tropical storm."

Former Director of Security and Intelligence Operations for NYC Office of Emergency Management Sal Lifrieri - speaking with Charly at WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Emergency evacuations taking place all over the Metropolitan New York area - and in the Big Apple - Mayor Bloomberg announcing mandatory evacuations for people living in low lying areas:

"You've gotta prepare - when you're in charge of people's lives - you really can't take that stuff for granted - so - even though it might cost us some money and time and effort - I think he did the right thing... he had to make some decisions - and as we did to. We evacuated people now call us this morning and say - our homes are still standing... why did we evacuate. Well - you know - it might not have been - and I think he did the right thing."

Supervisor of the Town of North Hempstead -- Which is on Long Island - Jon Kaiman speaking with April and Stefan at KOA in Denver.

So now as the clean up begins - people want to do their part to aid in the relief and according to Steve Bayer - spokesman for the American Red Cross - who's also on the ground on Long Island:

"But the best help that we can get at this point - is a donation to the American Red Cross - by either texting 90999 Red Cross - going to our website which is - or even calling 1-800 Red Cross."

That was Bayer - speaking with Sergio at KURV in McAllen, TX.

Again - that number Bayer mentioned - if you want to donate - 1 - 800 - Red Cross.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.