Hurricane Hype?

Some bloggers say the National Hurricane Center, politicians and the media overreacted to Hurricane Irene.  But six years after Katrina, is it better to be safe than sorry?  And while the experts got Irene's path right, many meteorologist overestimated the massive storm's strength.  Did forecasters drop the ball? Meteorologist Joe Bastardi weighs in.

$7 Billion in Damage

Hurricane Irene may have been milder than expected, but it still caused about $7 billion in damage, and Americans, even those 3,000 miles away from the storm, will be picking up the tab.  Is this fair?  PLUS: Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been blasting FEMA!  Should the federal government provide disaster relief?

Obama's New Adviser

Alan Krueger, a VAT-loving Princeton University professor, has been picked to succeed Austan Goolsbee as White House head economist.  But do we really need another "academic" writing economic policy?  PLUS: How are regulations impacting business and our economic growth?  What regulations should House Republicans reverse when they finally return to  Washington?