[Video] Quake!

** Kevin Wall in for Gibson

Quake! Paul Krugman and many other Keynesian Crazies are using yesterday's Earthquake to push for more "Infrastructure" spending, saying it's a cautionary tale for the need to "rebuild" our "outdated Infrastructure." Kevin judges them.

Shameful! Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are on a Speaking Tour across the United States in a rear end covering PR campaign to blame the "Tea Party Extremists" for their constituents lousy economic situation. One CBC member went so far as to blame "racism," along with the Tea Party for high Black Unemployment. Do these people have any shame? Kevin examines.

Plus: Fox News Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry joins Kevin for latest on President Obama's dealings from Martha's Vineyard, Mitt's Mansion goes Mainstream and Far Left Media and Far Left Media using Huntsman to bludgeon Perry.