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An earthquake - rattling the EAST coast on Tuesday.

The magnitude 5.8 quake was felt as north as Toronto - as south as Georgia and all the way out to Chicago.

"The crust out in California - and most people know this - is riddled with faults - it's younger and when an earthquake happens - a lot of the energy sort of gets dissipated fairly quickly - but out on the east coast - those are old older rocks - sort of harder - there are less faults. "

Marine Scientist Dr. Ellen Prager - speaking with Jack and Ted at WFLA in Tampa.

The Doctor describes what East coasters felt - really well when she mentioned:

"I heard someone describe it like ringing a bell -- and when you have an earthquake - it is felt much further because you don't have the dissipation of the energy."

Buzzing right on -- or actually spinning right on to Hurricane Irene.

Expected to continue to strengthen.

"A category 3 is looking at 110 mile an hour winds - it's definitely a lot of rain."

Fox News Radio's Eben Brown - speaking with April and Stefan at KOA in Denver.

Brown warns - folks in coastal areas:

"What you're worried about really - is storm surge. And the stronger a storm is - the more storm surge comes. That means the water that is displaced from the ocean that is pushed towards the shore lines... so all of a sudden - water begins to kind of creep up in sort of this slow moving tsunami - if you will."

Irene is expected to hug the East Coast and has the potential to impact millions of people in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in the coming days.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.