Wow. A six pointer hits the east coast. I'm talking earthquakes here, and yes, today a 5.9 quake, centered in central Virginia, rattled the hell out of Washington, D.C. and scared a bunch of New Yorkers to death.


I had to think back to my fifty years in California. I can't even count the number of these things I've been through. They will scare you, especially if you're in a top floor of a tall building, or find yourself in a wood frame house that feels like it's doing the hula.


But I must say that quake weary Californians must be giving in to an ever so slight smile to see mass panic on the east coast when the ground starts to shake a little.


I remember the Northridge Quake in '94.  Got thrown out of bed. Every window in the house was broken. The trees were shaking like a metronome set to high.


But hey... that was in Quake Country. You expect it every few years or so.


Not so much in New York or DC.

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