President Obama promised a war on coal when he was running, and now that he's got the power, he's making good on his promise.


New Obama Administration EPA regulations kick in at the first of the year, and it will mean scores of coal fired power plants will have to shut down, or spend ruinous amounts of cash trying to rein in certain emissions.


The new regulations will kill hundreds of jobs in coal fired plants, and thousands in the coal fields. No matter. Obama is plunging ahead. The new regulations will cost consumers hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars, as energy prices spike. No matter. Obama is committed. The new regulations will put so many plants out of business, cities can expect to suffer through brownouts and perhaps even blackouts. No matter. Obama is green green green. Evil coal must be stopped.


When you voted for Obama were you asking for job losses, higher energy costs, and energy shortages? No, I didn't' think so.

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