Boost for Obama?

After a dramatic turn of events in Libyalast weekend, President Obama may score a much-needed political win.  Will the end of the Qaddafi regime boost Obama's approval ratings?  And how will this development impact the region and the price of oil?  

Payroll Tax Dilemma?

A number of Republicans want to prevent Obama's payroll tax increase from being extended.  But is saying "no" to extending the tax cuts actually saying "yes" to a tax increase?  What are Republicans to do?  PLUS: Tom explains how new EPA polices will drive up your energy bill.  

Jobs Plan Next Month?

President Obama will unveil his jobs program next month.  Why is he waiting until September?  Tom speculates about Obama's jobs plan and runs through how his other job policies turned out.  PLUS: Is the Obama administration too easy on illegal aliens?