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More! A new Gallup Poll shows only 26 Percent of Americans approve of President Obama's handling of the Economy. Now, reports say President Obama will ask for more Stimulus Spending in his Post-Vacation Economic Speech and Liberal Pols and pundits are out there demanding that Obama spend Trillions more on "Infrastructure" spending. Are these people out of their minds or just the last true believers of a failed ideology? Gibson examines.

Rage! Congressional Black Caucus members, facing the anger of a constituency that is disproportionally Jobless in this Economy are now striking back at President Obama demanding an audience with the President and some immediate action. Congressman and CBC Member Allen West last night reminded his fellow CBC Members that their Liberal, Social Welfare State, Social Engineering Ideology is directly responsible for the problems they're complaining about. Gibson speaks with Kevin Jackson, Tea Party Activist and Author of "The Big Black Lie."

Plus: Is the President Tone Deaf going from commiserating with the Jobless Bitter Clingers in the Midwest to jetting off to Vacation with the Limousine Liberals in Martha's Vineyard?