[Video] Destroy!

Destroy! In the new Rasmussen Poll newbie candidate Governor Rick Perry is now leading the GOP race, way ahead of Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, both the Left and the "establishment" Right are attacking Rick Perry for some of verbal haymakers he's thrown in the last 72 hours. Is he coming on too strong? Gibson Examines.

Jump In! Along with cracking down on Rick Perry's "controversial" statements, "establishment" Republicans are tub thumping (again) for Congressman Paul Ryan and NJ Governor Chris Christie to please jump in the race. Some are even reporting that Paul Ryan is seriously considering doing that very thing. Are Romney, Perry and Bachmann not strong enough to beat Obama? Gibson speaks with Stephen Hayes from "The Weekly Standard."

Plus: President Obama to unleash his "Jobs/Deficit" Program after his vacation and three years as President and will Ron Paul run as Third Party Candidate?