[Video] The Field!

The Field! Let the games begin as the GOP field appears more clearly to be Romney, Perry and Bachmann. As these candidates begin jabbing each other, the Obama Media heads into full destruction mode and President Obama gins up his "Class War" narratives on the Road! Gibson examines. Plus: Paul Ryan thinking of getting in?

The Destruction! The Obama Media is hitting the ground running on their effort to destroy new "It" Candidate Governor Rick Perry. Wasting no time, anxious anchors have called him a "racist," a "yahoo," a "secessionist," a "religious extremist" and "George Bush on Steroids." How will the Governor navigate the onslaught? Gibson looks.

Plus: Gibson prediction comes true as Obama Media attempts to pit Fundamentalists (Perry) vs. Mormons (Romney), Warren Buffet should cut a check, Ron Paul Fans enraged at lack of Media Coverage and President Obama still pushing Green Energy Jobs on the Stump!