Sen. Orrin Hatch Has Had Enough Of The Tea Party

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch who, just a few weeks ago, proclaimed, “I’m a tea party person,” has now had enough of the tea party. The Club for Growth and FreedomWorks have attacked Hatch for voting to raise the debt ceiling.

Hatch's staffers, led by campaign manager Dave Hansen, say they won't lie back and take such attacks, particularly from people who have long voting records of their own. FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey voted at least twice to raise the debt ceiling as a former House majority leader, and Club for Growth President Chris Chocola did so three times as a congressman from Indiana.

Hansen called them “extremely hypocritical,” and he didn't stop there.

“In the case of Dick Armey, this is a retired congressman from somewhere in Texas who is trying to remain significant in the political realm,” he said. “And with Chris Chocola, here is a guy who is a defeated congressman from Indiana. They are just trying to do what they can to promote their outside interests.”

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