Pawlenty-Bachmann Food Fight

Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann had one of the most heated exchanges of the Thursday night Republican debate.

Rep. Bachmann took with zeal to slamming Pawlenty, noting that he "implemented Cap and Trade" in Minnesota and once declared, "the age of small government is over." "That sounds to me a lot like Barack Obama." Wallace noted, likely accurately, that comparing another candidate to the President was "the worst thing you can say." Rep. Bachmann didn't back down, repeating every single claim she had tossed at him immediately before and repeating, poignantly, "that sounds like Barack Obama." To that, Pawlenty retorted that Rep. Bachmann's railing against small government "gave us more government" and her fight against Obamacare failed. What's more, "she has a record of misstating and making false statements," and her claim that he had been in the governorship like Obama was "just another one."

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