Candidates in Iowa

**Kevin Wall sits in for Tom**

Who won last night's Iowa debate?  And which candidates hurt their presidential hopes?  Special Report's Bret Baier joins Kevin to give his "postgame" analysis and share the latest on the upcoming Ames Straw Poll.  PLUS: Despite some of the comments made by political gurus and campaign experts, Kevin thinks Mitt Romney handled the Iowa Fair heckler just fine!  He'll put the sensational sound bites into context.

Americans "Penny Pinching"?

The White House says unemployment checks are a stimulus to the economy, but Kevin knows firsthand that they are not.  Is it time to cut off the millions of long-term unemployed?  PLUS: Consumer sentiment is startlingly low and many economists blame "penny pinching" for the economy's sluggish recovery.  Are you too worried to buy that new flat screen TV or even take your family out to dinner?

Small Business Boost?

What's holding back small businesses?  Is it too many regulations?  Taxes?  The lack of demand?  And what can Washington do to give small businesses the boost they need?  PLUS: Should Obama cancel his vacation and bring Congress back?  Michele Bachmann says yes, but Kevin says, heck no!  He even wonders if  the US should follow Texas' lead and keep lawmakers home more often!