John Gibson Program for Thursday, August 11th 2011

One Term! Several prominent Conservative and Liberal commentators are coming out and saying President Obama literally cannot win another term, if the economy doesn't make a dramatic comeback, regardless of who ends up being the GOP Nominee. Ahead of tonight's FNC GOP Debate, is that true, can "any" of these candidates beat Obama? Gibson examines. Plus: Obama to visit his another Green Car Battery Plant today and heading off to Martha's Vineyard for Ten Days next week. Is he trying to lose?

Weird! Politico is reporting that the WH thinks Mitt Romney will be the Nominee and their plan is to "kill him" politically, in part by pointing out how "weird" he is. They won't come out and say it but several political analysts and Gibson think "weird" is nuanced for "Mormon." Can a nuanced Religious Bigotry campaign tactic work for the Obama Campaign? Gibson pursues.

Plus: Europe is cautionary tale for the desperate need to defeat Nanny State acolytes here in America!