Market’s Rollercoaster Ride

Tom has his eyes on the market this afternoon as Wall Street continues its dramatic rollercoaster ride.  And while the sky may not be falling, some major European banks may be!  And that fear is driving this market's volatility.  Tom explains why you should care about the growing European banking crisis and how it can impact you. 

"Super Committee"

Congressional leaders are selecting the members of the debt "super committee" -- do you have any confidence that the folks inWashingtonare capable of tackling our deficit problem?  And will the super committee be swayed by recent polls that call for compromise and even higher taxes?  PLUS: Add Analyst Meredith Whitney to the growing list of Tea Party-haters.  Whitney says the Tea Party is nothing more than "Freaked out" white men!

Unions Lose in Wisconsin

The unions inWisconsinsuffered a big loss last night, as Republicans won 4 of 6 recall elections held in the state.  Democrats failed to recapture the Senate and therefore lost any hope of overturning Gov. Walker's controversial anti-union bill.  Does this defeat for the unions reflect a growing sentiment in this country?  Are Americans pushing back against public sector unions and the Democrats who support them?