[Video] Ugly!

Ugly! President Obama is AWOL but his minions are on damage control pushing the "Tea Party Downgrade" narrative to blame the Right for Standard & Poor's downgrade of America's Sovereign Credit Rating. Even though the President demonized Paul Ryan's Plan, tabled Cap, Cut and Balance and ignored his own Fiscal Commission; hopes are high that the "Terrorists" will take the blame. Gibson speaks with Charlie Gasparino. Plus: "New Deal" Great Idea Fannie and Freddie Downgraded too!

Double Down! Not getting enough proof that Big Nanny State Government's are unsustainable and how trying to fix them using Keynesian tactics is a loser, the Democrats and Obama Media's reaction to this downgrade is what? Let's spend MORE!! The Whisper has become a shout as True Believers are begging Obama to do a "New Deal" sized "Jobs Program" hoping that hiring Union Hacks to fix our "infrastructure" will be the ticket to get GDP Growth cranking! Gibson despairs.

Plus: Both sides shoot the messenger, Shared Sacrifice Drinking Game and Is Obama Done?