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Brownies laced with melatonin.

It's the stuff that your brain produces when you sleep.

Taken off the shelf by the FDA --- why?

"Because they were labeled as a food product and they are classified as a food. And the amounts of melatonin in it are at unsafe levels for something that's considered a food."

Registered Dietitian Heather Golubski - speaking with Rob at WGST in Atlanta.

Yeah - but what's the big deal?

"My biggest problem with the whole thing - is that instead of making good dietary choices, instead of exercising, instead of getting enough hydration - people are relying on supplements - either they're - not -- they don't have enough energy so they're drinking energy drinks - or they're not sleeping well because they're drinking energy drinks all day so now they need melatonin to get normal sleep patterns..."

The answer, according to Golubski is to make good dietary choices and stay physically active instead of relying on supplements.

Buzzing right along...

Thirty American Service members - killed after their Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan over the weekend.

Most of them --


"Twenty two Navy SEALS... SEAL Team 6 - not the same individuals that killed Usama bin Laden - but from the same outfit - were killed - and a number of other Army Special Operations forces - and some Afghan forces."

Director for the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University - Lt. Colonel Jeff Addicott - speaking with Jeff at KLIF in Dallas...

So Colonel - what happened?

"Apparently they were in the Chinook - coming to the rescue of some of our Army Rangers that were pinned down - in an area that we had actually stabilized - and turned over to the Afghan military - and then they cut and ran - so the Taliban came in and took over that particular area."

The Chinook - that's a big chopper...

"The Chinook's are great vehicles - because they can transport our soldiers rapidly to the point that we need them to be at... there's no roads in Afghanistan - there's mountains and valleys - but the bad news is that they're like flying coffins - you hit one - and they come straight down - they don't glide down... they're large cargo transports - they've got a rotor blade on each end of the aircraft and tragically it was hit by a surface to air - shoulder held RPG and took it down."

This crash is the deadliest single loss for US forces - since the beginning of the decade long war in Afghanistan.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.