Blame the Tea Party?

**Leslie Gold sits in for Tom**

What does the S&P downgrade mean to you and our nation's economic recovery?  FOX Business' Tracy Byrnes  fills us in.  Then, President Obama responded to the downgrade with the same old song - calls for higher taxes and blaming the Tea Party!  Leslie says vilifying the Tea Party is absurd!

Wall Street Reaction

How are the folks on Wall Street reacting to the downgrade?  And is now the time to panic?  FOX Business' Lori Rothman joins Leslie after the market closes. 

Another Downgrade!

How will the downgrade of Fannie and Freddie impact an already weak housing market?  And do you still think buying a home is a good investment?  PLUS: Leslie thinks it's a good idea to ban teachers from contacting students on Facebook.  She says it blurs boundaries and opens the door for inappropriate contact.  Others say it's a first amendment violation.  Should teachers and kids interact on Facebook?