By Todd Starnes

The University of Tennessee bookstore in Knoxville has decided to stopping selling packages of breath mints poking fun at President Obama after a Democratic lawmaker complained.

The product is called, "Disappoint-mints" and features a blue and red picture of the president on the label.

State Rep. Joe Armstrong told The Knoxville News Sentinel he found the breath mints offensive. He said a student had notified him of the mints so he decided to go to the bookstore to investigate.

He said the breath freshener was "very specifically insulting to the president" and said the university should be sensitive to what he called "politically specific products."

But others find the outrage over "Disappoint-mints" to be curiously strong - suggesting that removing the products is a form of censorship.

"Let me make very clear, there is no candy exception to the First Amendment," Constitutional Law professor Glenn Reynolds told the newspaper. "Free speech is free speech. If you make fun of the president in a mint, it is just as much free speech as it is if you make fun of the president in a political cartoon."

The bookstore manager said they previously carried breath mints satirizing former President Bush - but no one ever complained.

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