Dow Drops

The Dow dropped 350 points earlier today.  What's behind the volatility?  Is it jobs?  Is it the crisis inEurope?  Is it something else?  Tom explains.  PLUS: While MSNBC wonders if the Tea Party is delusional, Tom says it's the Democrats who seem crazy!  They actually think they're turning this economy around ... who are they kidding?

Hello Pot Holes!

Less fire fighters?  More potholes?  No more unemployment insurance?  How will the debt deal impact you and your home town?  Tom explains.


The latest on the FAA shutdown and how it is (or isn't) impacting you.  Then, despite all the "doom and gloom" on Wall Street, Brian Wesbury, chief economist at First Trust Portfolios LP, is optimistic about economy!  He joins Tom to explain why.  And, Rob Morgan, Chief Investment Strategist at Fulcrum Securities, explains how investors should respond to a volatile market like this.  Plus, a sneak peak at this weekend's FBN show...