[Video] Victory Lap!

Victory Lap! Republicans and now President Obama will come out today to take his "adult in the room" Victory Lap for the soon to passed Debt Deal even though Obama was frozen out of the process. With anger of the Right and Left with the passage of this plan, who will ultimately get the credit or blame? Gibson Examines. Plus: Can Obama run on Raising Taxes in 2012?

Tone! Democrats and the Obama Media spent weeks, in the wake of the Shooting of Gabby Giffords using thin "proof" saying the "tone" and "violent rhetoric" from the "Tea Party" was creating an atmosphere of violence in America. Meanwhile, for the past month, these same people have used the terms "terrorist," "Jihadist," "Suicide Bombers," with a "gun to the heads of the American people" to attack the very same Tea Party on the Debt Ceiling argument. Gibson on their staggering hypocrisy.