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McDonald's is going healthier? Tweaking the contents of its famed "Happy meal"!

The fast food giant - announcing it's going to be cutting back on the French fries.

"Two points - right away... how happy is the happy meal with half the fries - right? And second of all - let's think about the other portion of - when a child goes into McDonald's -- do they pay attention to the French fries or will they pay attention to the apples?"

That was Dan Radinsky - the CEO of The Sadkhin Complex -- speaking with the guys at 95-3MNC in South Bend, IN.

The French fries - being replaced with apple slices.

"Obviously it's a wonderful change - implementation of healthy foods... in the McDonald's or other fast food joints... but is it really going to make a difference? ...I don't think so."

So is it going to be a trend happening to the entire fast food industry?

"I think it's going to be a wide - spread international trend. I think it's an amazing marketing move on part of any fast food industry to make itself healthier because that will increase the sales much faster than it will change the behavior of the people towards the fast food. Because I really don't believe that's going to make any change in the next 50 years."

But... really it all boils down to the parents... be vigilant if you want to join the fight on childhood obesity...

Buzzing right along...

National Healthcare...

The state of Ohio is making it clear --  it doesn't want anything to do with it.

They're going to give voters the chance to opt out of it!

How successful will this be for Ohio - can the Buckeye state pull this off??

"Well yeah - they were supposed to get 385,000 signatures - they got over 500,000. Over 427,000 have been certified so they are in good shape in terms of getting on the ballot for the November 8th initiative. My guess is that in most states in the Country if you put this to an up or down vote - Are you for the individual mandate or against it - people would vote against it - it's not popular to do this individual mandate. ... And, so I would bet that in Ohio in November they vote against the individual mandate and have a constitutional mandate prohibiting it."

Former Deputy Secretary Of Health And Human Services, Hudson Institute fellow Tevi Troy - speaking with Chip at KOGO.

Surely - if this passes - and Ohio does indeed opt out of National Healthcare - we'll have to keep an eye out for a ripple effect in other states...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.