14th Amendment Solution?

The debt ceiling debate continues with Nancy Pelosi using more over-the-top rhetoric and the Dems blaming the Republicans for the whole mess.  Can Obama raise the debt ceiling without Congressional approval?  Could that hurt him politically?  Then, Tom has an update on NJ Gov. Chris Christie's condition.  Could Christie's weight hurt his Presidential chances?

$Trillion Health Care Tab

A new report says the nation's health care tab is expected to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020.  And, half of that will be picked up by the taxpayers!  Is there any way to curb the price of medications, procedures and other services?  And what will it take forWashingtonto reform our health care programs?

Forget Solar Panels!

Bill Gates says theUSneeds to forget about "alternative-energy" gimmicks like solar panels and get really serious about its energy policy.  Should we invest billions into finding a REAL energy solution?  PLUS: President Obama will announce his new MPG standards tomorrow.  Some automakers are outraged, but five companies actually back the plan!