Tea Party Anger

The Tea Party is livid at the Republican establishment right now.  Is Boehner right to bend and work with the Dems?  Should the Tea Party listen to Charles Krauthammer and simply compromise?  Co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots Mark Meckler joins Tom.  Then, Nancy Pelosi follows Harry Reid's lead and uses her own form of scare tactics!

No Job? No Job!

Millions of Americans are looking for work, but some job listings say "the unemployed need not apply"!  Are businesses making a mistake by not hiring highly skilled Americans who are out of work?  Then, should ex-cons be a protected class?  Tom says employers should have the right to know an applicant's criminal record, but a shady past shouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker.

Food Police Strikes Again!

USA Today says those controversial calorie-counting menus are actually causing some Americans to make better food choices.  Is pressure from Michelle Obama and other anti-obesity activists driving companies like McDonalds to provide healthier options for their customers?  Should we welcome these changes, or should the government stay out of private industry?