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Alabama's got a new law - that cracks down on illegal immigration...

Educators in the state - fear it could jeopardize millions in federal funding in public schools.

What's the deal?

"Basically - the schools are going to be required to ask for birth certificates at the time of enrollment - and so the concern there - Constitutionally is whether or not that would deter students -- undocumented students -- from attending schools."

Immigration Attorney Ann Badmus speaking with Scott at WERC in Birmingham.

According to the Supreme Court - undocumented students are entitled to attend schools...

So if they are deterred from attending... well - it could be seen as being un-Constitutional.

Buzzing right along...

Operation Fast & Furious? ... more like operation disaster... first guns from the ATF program - being tied to the 2009 death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry...

And someone is in hot water... but who? It's difficult to hammer down who exactly knew about the operation...

"It's a little confusing to me. The Federal ATF here in the United States knew about it - but I understand that ATF officials working on the border perhaps in Phoenix and even some that had slipped through into Mexico - weren't real clear on the procedure. Is that correct?"

"From what I understand at this point - it seems like even though it was authorized from the ATF in the United States - the ATF down in Mexico - their hands were tied - and they just sort of had to -- and mean I hate to use this phrase but it seemed like they were just following orders. I mean obviously everyone has discretion but they were just doing what their superiors told them to do."

That was Elizabeth Samson - a Lawyer specializing in International Law - she's also a Visiting Fellow at the Hudson Institute... speaking with Tony at WHAS.

Now Congress is stepping in to investigate... meeting with members of the ATF and various Federal Authorities about the issue.

"Ken Melson - head of the ATF - has been testifying about this drug cartel / gun running program - but I wouldn't be surprised if within the next couple of days - more people at the top are going to be revealed as having known about it."

The ATF never even told Mexico about this operation!

"Is Mexico thinking of bringing any kind of charges against the United States over this incident?"

"I think they're starting to look at legal issues - yeah. I mean - logically - they should be preparing legal cases against the United States. I mean - think about it - here in the United States - if we found out that Canada - or Mexico for that matter - were doing the same thing to us - purposely smuggling in dangerous weapons just to see how we operate and get our bad guys?"

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.