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A Louisiana family - wanting to honor their son - who's fighting for our country in Afghanistan...

Put a sign out that said "our son is fighting for our freedom..."

And now - their homeowners association - is suing them!

"You know - the thing about this story that bothers me the most - is there's - you're allowed apparently to put signs up there promoting high school football but not your son - fighting for the country."

Chip Franklin - of KOGO in San Diego makes a good point there to FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes...

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"This family who has a son serving in Afghanistan - he's in the Marines - active duty - they put up a banner - a professionally made banner - in their front yard honoring their son - and they got an email saying hey the sign has to come down - it's in violation of the rules."

"Are they going to take it down? Do we know?"

"No. They aren't going to take it down, and at this point they feel bad that it's gone this far. But they feel like it's a violation of their first amendment rights."

And as for the homeowners association they say they don't have a problem with what is ON the sign, but with the sign itself...

And this is just the beginning... in Georgia -a similar case, according to Starnes:

"We also have another story out of North Atlanta - where a family - they've got a son - in the Marines - they put up the Marine flag in the window of their home - and they got a letter from the homeowners association and they said hey you've got to take that towel out of your window... the guy says - it's not a towel its a Marine Corps flag - and then they sent another letter saying well you're desecrating the flag - you've got to take it down."

Buzzing right along...'s back to work for the NFL.

The players association finally coming to agreement with owners - putting an end to a 4 1/2 month lockout.

"Can the league - which is by far the most popular when it comes to sports - can it recover?"

That was Forrest at WREC in Memphis... the question asked of Mike Bako - Director of Sports at Media Training Worldwide.

Bako's answer?

"Well I don't think it's a matter of recovering. I think that they've shown that they are a strong league - that the owners and the players were able to come together and split up -- what we're talking about is 9 billion dollars worth of revenue -- I think any time you're dealing with that amount of money - your league is strong... I don't think you really need to recover..."

Yeah, Mike, but what about public perception?

"Can it recover with it's fans?"

"It definitely did. I think that fans are willing to forgive. We've only lost the hall of fame game - a somewhat meaningless pre season game. I think the fans really would have been up in arms - as much as they put down the pre season - if we started losing pre season games and then that anxiety built puts in and then we think - ok - is the regular season going to be at stake as well - am i going to be able to put my fantasy football team together? All of these things - what a lot of people think are superficial things - but that's the lifeblood of this league - is the interest of the fans, the passion of the fans that sit there all day sunday and on sunday night and on monday and go through the religious experience almost of watching these NFL games."

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.