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The state of Arizona is collecting donations to build a fence along its border with Mexico.

Even launching a website to raise cash.

But there could be problems with the plan.

According to Janice Kephart who's the National Security Policy Director for the Center for Immigration Studies - almost all of the land the state wants to build on is Federal land.

"...and it would require the state to enter into negotiations with the Federal Government - on actually building a fence on Federal land."

That was Kephart speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

Part of the problem - from what Kephart says - is that there will be a huge drain on that money just trying to get environmental assessments alone. And much of that Federal land only has vehicle barriers on it - because that's all the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Interior will allow DHS to build on it.

"So they've already had internal Federal Government fights on this... and there's very little that more probably on some of that land that can be done unfortunately unless you have an administration, a President and a head of the Department of Homeland Security - who want to engage in those negotiations and force that on the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture... but - without that kind of leadership - I can't imagine Arizona would be able to leverage that kind of political will."

Right now - Arizona's hope is to raise 50 million dollars... for the fence.

The website?

Buzzing right along...

The sale of personal information happens often but this particular case is raising some eyebrows.

Last year, the state of Florida made 63 million bucks selling people's names, addresses, dates of birth and a list of vehicles that they drive!

Believe that one?

"Is it legal??"

"You know -- unfortunately -- it is."

That was Defense Attorney and Former Prosecutor Tad Nelson - speaking with Trey at 92.5 FOX News in Fort Myers, FL.

Per a Federal mandate, there are companies that are entitled to this sort of information.

"These companies that receive this information - from what I understand about them - they're all companies that solicit your business in some form or fashion."

Which according to Nelson:

"Originally when they started doing this information - it wasn't supposed to be to people who were going to solicit information - it was for people that were going to give you information that you needed... it clearly has -- the train has left the track."

Ann Howard of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says the state does not sell Social Security numbers or driver's license numbers...

Residents of the Sunshine state - are outraged... but really -- can you blame them?

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.