Default Inevitable?

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner blamed the Tea Party for the ongoing debt debate and said our economy's in good shape!  Tom wonders if "Tiny Tim" is losing it!  Then, Tom says Boehner's back to sounding like a coach during a locker room interview!  Plus, is default inevitable?  The head of the world's largest hedge fund thinks so.  If that's true, who the heck would want to be President?

Terror in Norway

The terror attack inNorwaythat killed 76 people on Friday was allegedly carried out by an anti-Muslim radical!  In a 1500-page manifesto, the suspect said he was on a "crusade" to end multiculturalism inEuropeand told a Norwegian judge there may be two more cells within his organization.  Do we have to start worrying about another extremist group? 

Addiction Tragedy

British soul singer Amy Winehouse died over the weekend at the age of 27 after a long, public battle with addiction.  While the cause of death is still unknown, she was reportedly on a week-long drug and alcohol binge just before she died.  Could anyone have prevented this tragedy?  Is waiting for an addict to reach out for help the only thing friends and family can do?  Should laws be changed to protect addicts from themselves?