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The TSA is changing it up.

It's working to enhance the privacy of its passengers by eliminating passenger specific images.

What are they doing?

"Its new software - and what it will do is greatly enhance privacy - because the images that will be reviewed for potential threats being present - will either be a generic outline or a stick type figure. The images that are reviewed will no longer have any semblance of being a recognizable individual."

Former Deputy Director of TSA, Tom Blank -- speaking with Amy and John at WIND in Chicago...

When the TSA developed these scanners - they had to know that they were in for some trouble, right???

"There's no question about it. In the big picture - note that one of the biggest vulnerabilities the TSA has to confront is finding exposes hidden on a person's body at the check point - therefore they thought the risk of the privacy controversy was worth taking." they'll see like a stick figure??? Will that actually show any definition???

"It will - because what you're looking for is an anomaly on the person's body... "

And according to Blank, there are two different technologies...

"One basically would show you a difference in temperature between the person's body and something that was on the person's body. The other would show you organic kinds of materials that you're looking for because organics are explosives."

We'll have to see if the new strides that the TSA are making in increasing our privacy are able to quell the overall outrage around the country...

Buzzing right along...

Is Hollywood ruining children's movies with adult content???

That question - asked by Forrest at WREC in Memphis - of Amy Zicarelli - who's an Early Childhood Education Expert...

Her answer?

"Yeah - absolutely. We have to ask - are we trying so hard to entertain adults that we're losing the essence of a children's film... that includes kind of that good feeling and uplifting spirits that the classics gave us when you walked out of a theater or watched it on TV at home."

Clearly - parents really need to be vigilant with this stuff...

"Do I want my 3 or 5 year old looking at me saying - why's everybody laughing? You look around the movie and the kids aren't laughing - it's the adults."

Educate yourselves - parents - before you take your kids to the movie theaters.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.