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Take a back seat - parents...

"They" may be behind as far as technology goes - but they've got it when it comes to driving their grandchildren.

"The dry statistics are - basically - that children who are basically under the age of 13 are half as likely to be involved in a crash with their grandparents as they are with their parents."

That was Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mitchell Brooks speaking with Tony at WHAS.

Really Doc? ...those are some pretty surprising study results...

"For me who has seen car accidents and treats the results of injuries to limbs in car accidents I'm not so surprised."

So what's the reasoning behind those results?

"By and large when kids drive with their grandparents - they are belted in."

Any other reasons?

"You're basically dealing with people who've driven for a long time. People who have some wisdom with their age. They're not doing the neutron dance when they drive with their cell phone, their coffee cup, their lap-top, their makeup. Also, they're more apt to go on more familiar routes - some people suggest that they don't drive at night... in any case - I think those are the reasons - they're more focused - you know?"

In the study - the average age of the grandparent was 58 years old - and the average age of the parent was 36.

Buzzing right along...

A major shake up in the courtroom Wednesday in the arraignment of the - so called "Fort Hood Shooter".

Major Nidal Husan - the accused - parting ways with his lead attorney John Galligan...

Why? That question - asked by Forrest at WREC in Memphis... of Former JAG Officer Major Mike Nardotti.

"It appears that the pressure that he and his family has been subjected to within the community has been sufficient to cause him to conclude that he could not continue his representation."

The decision not being made by Husan - but rather by Galligan.

Who will represent him now?

"So he is represented by a Lt. Col. Kris Poppe, who's got capital / death penalty experience... Major Chris Martin, and Captain Justin Oshana - who's the new addition to the team. So he's got three military attorneys.

Husan's court date set - for March - of 2012.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.