Farewell to Shuttle Era

Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down for the final time today marking the end of its 30-year mission.  Is this the end of theUnited States' space program?  And are you willing to pay for the next majorUSspace mission?  PLUS: Is there a new $3 T budget deal in the works?

Free Birth Control?

Under Obama's new health care law, all insurance companies may soon be forced to cover birth control pills.  Opponents say the government panel that made the recommendation is treating pregnancy like a "disease."  Will requiring insurers to cover contraception really save consumers money? 

Pension Clawbacks?

A cash-strappedRhode Islandcity is asking their retirees to give back almost half of their pensions.  Will retiree pension clawbacks become a nationwide trend?  Then,Harrisburg,Pennsylvaniais considering a "commuter tax" to deal with their debt.  Will this really raise money or just further hurt struggling citizens?