The “Gang” is Wrong!

The "Gang of Six" budget plan is gaining momentum on Capitol Hill, with over 30 Democrat and Republican Senators already pledging their support.  But Tom says don't make the deal!!!  He'll explain why the "Gang Of Six" proposal is based on fiction and won't solve any of our budget problems.

No Saturday Mail?

The US Postal Service is having serious cash problems and may have to eliminate Saturday deliveries.  The Postmaster General says within the next 15 years deliveries could be cut back to just three days a week.  Tom says "Good!"  Are there other ways to save this American institution?

Free Birth Control?

Under Obama's new health care law, all insurance companies may soon be forced to cover birth control pills.  Opponents say the government panel that made the recommendation is treating pregnancy like a "disease."  Will requiring insurers to cover contraception really save consumers money?