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Drunk on the job.

The FAA investigating allegations that an Air-Traffic controller in Denver - was drunk while controlling - live air traffic!


"One of two things was going on. He either reported for duty extremely intoxicated - or he was drinking while he was actually in the control room - which is - you know- either one of those options aren't particularly good."

That was Paul Fagras - a retired air traffic supervisor for the FAA - speaking with Jack and Ted at WFLA...

The limit a controller is allowed - is about half of what most states consider to be intoxicated driving levels.

The controller has been suspended according to the FAA - and has entered rehab.

What happens to him when the suspension period is over?

"What will normally happen - he'll be wrapped in the ever loving arms of the union - and he'll go through his rehab - and provided that he meets all of his requirements and some after testing that will occur when he returns to duty - the FAA is likely to put him right back to work in a safety related position possibly as a controller doing what he did beforehand..."

That - right there - is REALLY concerning - Paul...

"Certainly... all of these episodes cumulative - that have occurred in the last few months - I think there should be some public outrage over this."

The episodes - that Fagras refers to - include a controller watching a movie and then falling asleep - keying the mic - and then broadcasting the movie soundtrack over the airwaves... and a wave of sleeping controllers.

Wonder how the FAA will handle realistic measures to remedy the seemingly - rampant - problem.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.