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Grope, and ye shall receive - a groping?

An airline passenger in Phoenix -- going tit for tat with the TSA -- by actually GROPING one of their own!

 "She apparently was told, refused to do something, and then she reached up and she grabbed the TSA member by the breast, with both hands... and then was arrested."

 That was Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio speaking to FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes...

So Todd, what's the charge against her?

"I think the lesson here is if they grope you - it's a matter of national security. If you grope them, its felony sexual assault. And that's what she's been charged with."

But - more over, according to Starnes:

"She could not only face jail time - guys... but she could also become a lifetime convicted sex offender."

That's some serious stuff... but, as Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth Kelly points out...

"I think all of us who fly - particularly those of us who fly frequently - appreciate how invasive and demeaning these types of patdowns are."

You know, she's right. Most of us have all had to experience the post 9/11 screenings by TSA at the airport...

"And these types of incidents are outrageous - and the public backlash is growing. TSA Implemented these procedures last fall - right before a holiday weekend - with little or no public input, and I think they're going to have to regroup."

That was Kelly speaking with Jeff at KLIF in Dallas.

Now - the question at hand... will the TSA indeed consider regrouping and amending their policies? ...we'll have to wait and see...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.