[Video] The Deal!

The Deal! Lots of moving parts as the GOP has introduced the "Cap, Cut and Balance" bill that will pass the House, not the Senate and the McConnell Bill gets wacked from the Right but is seriously being considered by top Officials. Meanwhile, the President is continuing on not leading and doing the "Private Jets/Oil Companies" Class War kabuki. Moonbat Time Magazine writer Joe Klein says "Obama is winning this thing." Is he right? Gibson examines.

Default! Gibson was shocked on Friday by the stampede of callers to his show who WANT the United States to Default and lose our AAA Bond Rating. Have they taken leave of their senses or are they right? Gibson looks.

Plus: Sheila Jackson Lee says Racism to blame for GOP intransigence on Debt Ceiling, Rubio says Obama has made every area of American Life worse, the Failure of the Welfare State and Pot Smoking Union Hacks get caught, again!