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Free at last...

Casey Anthony - released late Sunday night - after being acquitted in the murder of her toddler daughter Caylee Marie.

"It's not every day that you see prisoners getting out - and law enforcement folks in body armor with M-4's escorting her - I dare say - bizarre at some level."

" is bizarre. You know - what struck me - when I watched the footage of her walking out - because I refused to stay up to watch it - is that -the arrogance and hubris of that woman walking out - in light of what happened. And - you know - it's unfortunate. I'm not optimistic that she'll just crawl back under the rock from which she came in the first place."

Former Federal Prosecutor Fred Tecce - speaking with Jeff at KLIF in Dallas.

"First of all - the Prosecution didn't fail... the evidence wasn't there. Through no one's fault. Secondly - the Defense didn't do a damn thing. And don't think that they did. Quite frankly the only thing that that guy did was make her look more guilty. A good Defense lawyer would have had her acquitted six minutes after the close of the state's case...

How'd it happen then? How'd she get off?

"What happened here - is that because our system of justice - and our country - which was founded 235 years ago - and predicated upon the fundamental ideal - that the rights of the individual are supreme - our right to own firearms, our right to free speech... the Government has to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt - and if they can't do it - then unfortunately murderers go free - and - you know - this country needs to kind of get itsĀ arms around this civics lesson - or unfortunately that 3 year old girl died in vein."

Buzzing right along...

Is social networking cramping your productivity at work?

Well it was in Dallas City hall - where two dozen of its workers - got either a reprimand or must now go to counseling after a recent probe showed they spent too much time on facebook while at work.

According to Ken Vernon, a Social Media Consultant:

"The employee's really not understanding what acceptable use of the internet and facebook is while they're at work, and the company's not communicating that to them, and on the other side of this - the companies are actually using these tools to market and communicate to their customers - so sometimes there's a mixed message."

Dallas City Hall didn't monitor HOW those employees were spending their time on facebook, but rather how long the window was open...

The moral of the story, from Vernon's stand point:

It's all about communicating to the employee - what's expected.

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