Debt Ceiling Debate: GOP Losing the Spin Game?

    Tom Has The Latest On The Debt Fight!

- Is President Obama winning the debt 'spin game'? Over 70% disapprove of how the Republicans have been handling the talks! - The House Tea Party members are calling for a balance budget amendment! And Moody's wants the US to dump the debt ceiling all together! - Republicans continue to slam Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's 'fallback' debt plan! Sen. Coburn will release his alternative idea later today. - Does the GOP want the economy to fail? A Democratic Governor thinks so. Are republicans rooting against a recovery?

PLUS: Between the circus surrounding the Casey Anthony trial and the squabbling in Washington, Tom wonders where have all the adults gone!!

"Day Of Prayer"

As the nation wonders if he'll run, Texas Governor Rick Perry is taking heat for a 'day of prayer' he has planned for next month. Religious freedom groups think it's inappropriate and violates the Constitution's Establishment Clause by "giving the appearance that the government prefers evangelical Christian religious beliefs over other religious beliefs and non-beliefs." Is Rick Perry violating the First Amendment? Tom doesn't get the big deal!

PLUS: Are Republican presidential hopefuls making a mistake by focusing too much attention on social issues? Should social fights be put aside during an economic crisis?

    Gold Vs. Real Estate!

Two traditional hedges against inflation have taken two drastically different paths over the past few years. While gold reaches record highs, the real estate market remains in dire straits. Why is there such a dramatic difference between the two? Is the gold bubble about to burst? And is the housing market about to see a big recovery? Tom weighs in!