TOM’S INBOX 7/15/11

Our government isn't Robin Hood.  Our government is Robbing The Hood Eric
Robin Hood robbed from the government and gave to the poor. I hate when people get that wrong.
Tom,  how come nobody is talking about the corporations like G.E. who made 5 billion in the usa alone and paid no taxes and how corp.s are not paying taxes on overseas operations? jim
How does it become shared sacrifice....when I have to give up all my money for those that are sitting at home.  Great point....its not shared sacrifice.
40 years ago 30K to 100K was considered middle and upper middle class.  What would that equal to in today's dollars 100K to 250K, so is the upper middle class is now the super rich threshold?  Come on Mr. President even Russia figured out that the redistribution of wealth does not work.
I think we need to emphasize more that those who earn over $200k are the JOBMAKERS, and if the government taxes them too much, more "little guys" (like me) would be laid off and be the ones who suffer the most.   

The "rich guys" cannot hire "little guys" to fix their cabinets, etc., much less hire more to work daily in their businesses if the government takes too much of their money. 
How is it constitutional for the larger group of unproductive liberals to enact laws that dictate the minority productive "millionaires" (how did they determine $250,000 to be a million is beyond me) pay a greater portion of their hard-work income?
You are missing the best point. The Repub's need to convene behind closed doors. Draw up a plan. Bring it back onto the floor. Announce there isn't enough time to read it, everyone will have an opportunity to find out what's in it after it passes and be done with it.