TOM’S INBOX 7/14/11


I never let my two daughters walk home alone.... When I was 5 years old, (1959), I was walking home from school, a man in his 30-40's sitting in a car asked me if I wanted a ride home. I stopped, said no and started to walk off. He said, "I have candy bars", I turned around, (this is how a 5 years old thinks), walked back about 2 steps and put both my hands on the passenger window frame and looked in the car. Sure enough there were two candy bars on the seat. I looked at his face, then the candy bars and said, no thank you and walked away. I walked another mile home and never saw him again. I was too afraid to tell my mother because she would have spanked me.


I am 49 years old....When I was growing up in the 70's there was no child abduction that I knew of or heard from my parents.  My father was a SF police Officer and I do not remember ever being told to not talk to strangers.  I use to walk to and from to school all the time and rode my bike to friends house in the neighborhood.


Tom I bet the police found the guy who harassed you and had a discussion with him with their nightstick. I think the police are restrained from extra-judicial procedures that got to the point. I think the shunning of perverts is coming back into style, but when we were children, I know our parents would have demanded more from the police and gotten it. Now the police cannot do anything without crossing every t and dotting every i. I am not advocating police brutality, but the police need to have so more freedom to handle situations like these.




The perps today know that they have rights to be in court - a jury of their peers--  when I was a child (a long time ago) If a neighbor even thought of being "weird" he would have his ass kicked from the dads in the neighborhood until he left.  Men were the protectors of their families - not neutered by the court systems and the liberals of today.



When Ch 3 began posting addresses of registered offenders,  I typed in my street address.....We found several names,   2 blocks away,  all at the same address !   Seems there's a "halfway house" there....  And, it's 3 long blocks from a school !     John


Tom,  From '63-'76 I walked alone to school in suburan Detroit. As much as a mile one way. Different times.  Brian