Debt Threats

Treasury Secretary "Tiny Tim" Geithner says the country is "running out of time" to avoid default, and Moody's is warning of a debt rating downgrade if theUSmisses a payment.  Are these kinds of threats overblown?  Plus, Tom has more proof that President Obama was wrong about this week's Social Security threat.

How Old is Old Enough?

An eight-year-oldBrooklynboy was kidnapped and murdered this week on his way home from day camp.  When are kids old enough to walk home alone?  And is raising children different in 2011 than it was when you were a kid?   FOX News correspondent Laura Ingle will join Tom with the latest on this heartbreaking story.

Restaurant Ban on Kids!

A smallPittsburgrestaurant is banning kids under the age of six.  They say young children are a disruption to other diners and keeping them out would help their business!  Would you prefer a child-free restaurant?  And, are kids the real problem ... or their parents?