The “Right Thing”?

Was Christian Lopez, the 23-year-old who caught the home run Derek Jeter hit for his 3000th career hit, an idiot for giving the Yankee shortstop his milestone baseball back?  Some say the Yankee fan may have to pay taxes on the "gifts" he received after he generously returned the ball.  Tom doesn't think Lopez has to worry about a tax bill.  PLUS: Should major league teams be forced to make their ballparks safer?

End Standardized Testing?

A state probe found teachers and officials at dozens ofAtlantapublic schools fudged students' test scores in order to obtain more district funding.  Is it time to toss out standardized testing?  Is there a better way to evaluate the performance of our public schools?

Are We Running Out of Kids?

A new report has a growing number of older Americans are supporting their financially-strapped adult children.  Would you support your adult child, or is "tough love" a better solution?  Plus, Americans are living longer, but having less children.  This means today's fewer young people will be burdened with paying for a much larger group of senior citizens.  Tom lists which states are running out of kids the fastest.