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The airline industry - and the TSA - in the headlines - yet again.

"Let's talk about this for a second - because just a couple of weeks ago - they were busy strip searching a terminally ill - wheel chair bound - diaper wearing 95 year old woman. Right? Because God knows what sort of threat she could have posed."

"Jeff - not just her - but also a 6 year old boy in Seattle, WA. Not just once - the mother says - they graphically searched her child - twice."

That was Jeff Katz of affiliate WXKS in Boston - speaking with FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes.

This time around - Jet Blue Airlines - under the microscope of the FBI...

... As they investigate how a stun gun was able to get on board a Newark bound flight out of Boston - on Friday.

How did the stun gunĀ even make it on board unnoticed?

"They said the reason this stun gun made it through security was because it looked like a cell phone or an iPhone."

The cleaning crew found the striker 1800 stun gun - in the back pocket of a seat after all of the passengers had de-planed.

The TSA says they are working on finding out where the stun gun came from.

"Anytime I hear something like this - whether it be - you know - in the public eye or the private sector - and you hear that something got on board - well - is this just an accident - or is somebody trying to see what they can get on board the airplane?"

That was Aviation Expert Denny Kelly speaking with Forrest Goodman at WERC in Birmingham... and you know - really - whether intentional or accidental - it's scary.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.