Hurt the Rich or the Poor?

The leaders in Washington have boiled down the debt ceiling debate into one simple question - would you rather hurt the rich or the poor?  Whose side are you on?  And would you accept a compromise?  Tom puts White House "scare tactics" to the Smell Test!

Billion Dollar "Bug"?

New York City may be forced to spend big bucks on their water system.  The EPA claims without a billion dollar upgrade, New Yorkers may be exposed to a "bug" that could make them ill.  But Tom says the costly regulation isn't even necessary!  PLUS: House Republicans look to repeal the light bulb ban!

States Running out of Kids?

Americans are living longer, but having less children.  This means today's fewer young people will be burdened with paying for a much larger group of old people.  Tom lists which states are running out of kids the fastest!  PLUS: What impact is the "Divorce Generation" having on our economy?