Unemployment 9.2%

Today's jobs report shows unemployment is back up to 9.2%.  The President and leaders of both parties responded to the numbers by making excuses and pointing fingers.  Does anyone in Washington know what to do about massive unemployment? 

Mortgage-Free for 1 Year?

The Obama Administration announced yesterday that the FHA will extend the amount of time unemployed homeowners can miss mortgage payments from four months to an entire year.  That's great news for some out-of-work Americans, but is that fair to those who have already blown their savings to make mortgage payments or even lost their homes?

Live to 150?

According to one scientist, the first person to reach the age of 150 has already been born!!  Can programs like Medicare and Social Security continue to support millions of citizens who live to 100 or more?  What impact will the growing amount of centenarians have on the economy and the nation's retirement programs?