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In what seems to be the BIGGEST cheating scandal... in US History...

At least 178 Teachers AND Principals - in the Atlanta public schools - allegedly CHEATED to raise students' standardized test scores - this according to a report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation...

Eighty two of those 178 accused - have confessed... and...

"Of these people - 38 of them are Principals. You know - we're not talking 2, or 4, or 9... We're talking 38 Principals accused of cheating. Principals!"

Education Expert - Bob Bowden - speaking with Charlie at WOAI.

There had to be a benefit to the Teachers and Principals... some sort of incentive going on here, right Bob???

"They blame this on the area of accountability."


"...the idea that Teachers and Principals both should be accountable for their schools or their classrooms and how much kids are learning. ...and so - many of the establishment - would say - well that's the problem - if you just got rid of accountability then no one would cheat any more - so clearly we shouldn't be you know - shining any kind of light on someone's performance - because that's driving this teaching for the test - and robbing creativity from the classroom, and is causing these poor souls to cheat."

And we buzz right on to... the TSA... BACK in the headlines again...

The TSA is once again making headlines...

"This go round we've got a young lady out on the West Coast - she was getting on board an airplane at the airport in Seattle when she went through the scanners - the full body x-rays - and they stopped her and said hey ma'am we're going to have to pat you down. She thought they meant her body, so she assumed the position - and they said no, no, no, no, no... We have to search your hair."

I'm sorry -- did he just say - they wanted to search someone's hair???

That, by the way was Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes - speaking with Joe at WSYR in Syracuse, NY.

According to Starnes: The African American Woman's hair - was worn in a bun.... nothing outrageous.

But regardless -

"They put on the gloves, and they were groping through this poor woman's hair. And so - she thought - are you kidding me?"

The woman - is claiming she was a victim of racial profiling.

Well... what does the TSA have to say, Todd?

"The TSA Spokesperson there at the airport said that they are required - you ready for this - they are required to search anything that poofs from the body."

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.