Twitter Town Hall

President Obama is participating in a Twitter town hall today.  He's expected to discuss jobs and the economy, but Tom says the event really has a whole different purpose!  Then, why are bankers and corporate jet owners chastised over their big salaries, but celebrities and well-paid government workers (including White House staffers) are given a pass?  

Ripe Old Age of 150?

According to one scientist, the first person to reach the age of 150 has already been born!!  Can programs like Medicare and Social Security continue to support millions of citizens who live to 100 or more?  What impact will the growing amount of centenarians have on the economy and the nation's retirement programs?

Surgically-Implanted Bombs?

The Department of Homeland Security is warning airlines that terrorists are considering surgically implanting bombs into humans to carry out attacks.  Does this change your feelings about those "naked" full body scans?  And, would you pay more for a hassle-free flight?  PLUS: The government offers a solution to the problem of sleepy air traffic controllers...