[Video] Sacrifice!

Sacrifice! Amidst the theatrics of the Debt Ceiling Talks, President Obama is expected to come out today for a Presser and lead with his Class War mantra that we need to have "shared sacrifice" (see Tax Increases) to address our Debt Crisis. Considering "the rich" pay 70 percent of the Federal Income Tax and Half the Country pays No Income Tax, if anyone, who should be sharing the sacrifice? Gibson examines.

Crisis! It's become sort of perfunctory for President Obama, Pundits and Left Wing Anchors to casually say or intimate that President Bush "caused" the Housing and Banking Crisis that kicked off this hellish recession. Another one did it with great flair yesterday. Considering it's manifestly untrue, shouldn't someone call them on it? Gibson does.

Destroy! The Obama Media isn't even trying to put up the façade of impartiality like they did when Sarah Palin first came on the scene. Now that Michele Bachmann is surging in the Polls, the Far Left Media is just openly trying to destroy her, quickly and completely. Gibson plays the disgusting display.

Plus: Chris Christie Triumphs in New Jersey as the Hacks Riot in Greece and Producer Christine's Last Day on the Radio as a Single Woman!