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Fake babies... reborn dolls...

...becoming mighty popular these days... among... adult women?

Certified life coach Susan Hannigan spent some time with Scott at WERC in Birmingham and said that - believe it or not - there's a WIDE range of reasons as to why people are picking them up...

The first:

"Many people really define them as art. They are weighed like a real baby. If you hold one of these - it feels as if you are holding an actual infant. The texture of the skin is even produced to do so."

Ok... well, give us another reason:

"You also have on a positive end -- there are people who get great comfort... positive comfort - in holding these. Studies with - and some people say - of people who've lost a child. And some therapists have said having this kind of relationship with a doll helps them go through the mourning process. There are people who have brought them to senior centers - and have found people particularly going through states of dementia - have found great positive effects in holding these dolls."

According to Hannigan - prices on the dolls range anywhere from to 150 dollars to... wait for it... 15,000 dollars!

Buzzing on...

Eugene Oregon - involved in a flap over the Pledge of Allegiance...

The town's City Council - voting down a proposal to say the Pledge before every Council meeting... but deciding rather to recite it at just four meetings a year....

One politician even went so far as to say - that BEING FORCED to recite it - is like the communist manifesto!


Well... according to Civil Rights Attorney Kelly Saindon -

"What's interesting to me - is those that don't want to recite it don't understand that they're stepping on the rights of the people who do want to recite it. Because if it's on the agenda and you don't wish to partake in it - don't say it!"

That was Saindon speaking with Forrest at WREC in Memphis...

So Kelly, does a move like this effect fights over things of patriotism and freedom of speech in the future???

"It certainly can - because what happens - is in the lawsuits if there's not already a law on the books or there's not already a ruling - you look around the Country and site examples for the Court and say - well this was done here - and there was no outrage and was not found unconstitutional... "

Will there be court action coming out of this decision in Eugene?

"So far - I haven't heard of any. It would not surprise me if one of these individuals decided to take it a little further to get a little more attention and advance their own cause. But I don't know where they'd go with it because this was a voted on compromise - they've all agreed - and so it's unlikely that either side would prevail in a lawsuit."

...hmm... we'll have to see if anything pops up in the courts - as a result of this one...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.