Obama vs. The Rich

The President used much of his press conference to attack Republicans, "big oil" and private jet owners, and claimed tax breaks for the rich may jeopardize food safety and even prevent some kids from going to college!  Will class warfare tactics work?  Then, Obama finally discussed the Boeing-NLRB fight.  Tom will react to today's press conference.

California Compromise

California approved a state budget yesterday, but no one seems really happy about it.  Tom explains why the Golden State's latest budget compromise is a joke.  Then, Tom was right about California's costly bullet train project -- it's a huge waste of money!  Even California Democrats say it's a bad idea!  Plus, Tom has an update on other local governments and how they're coping with their budgets.

Gay Marriage Complications

The legalization of same-sex marriage in states like New York may actually create more problems for the gay community.  Will currently unmarried gay couples now lose employee benefits if they don't get married?  Then, will President Obama, who has claimed he's against gay marriage, reverse his position on the issue and encourage Congress to create laws that would support New York's new law?