Class Warfare Tactics?

Democrats say the only way to save entitlement programs is to tax the rich even more.  Will class warfare tactics work?  Plus, Republicans insist they will not vote for tax increases, but will they vote for closing tax loopholes?  Are they really the same thing?

California's "Plan B"

Governor Jerry Brown and California democrats have agreed on a new budget to close the state deficit.  Tom puts Brown's "Plan B" to the smell test.  Then, one liberal blog claims the states that have cut the most have also lost the most jobs!  Plus, are money markets still a safe place for your money?  Tom says no...

TSA Going Too Far?

The TSA is defending the pat-down of a 95-year-old woman that included the removal of her adult diaper.  Do airport security methods go too far, or are they a necessary evil?  Then, Tom explains why the state of Texas' ban on pat-downs will never happen.